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Business in Motor Sports

Electronics account for more than 90 percent of all innovations in the today's modern automotive vehicles. This trend will continue to pick up speed as a result of the continuous steps to interconnect all components inside the vehicle and with the environment and the increasing use of electrification, of which the drive train is just one example.

Components in Use

With the technologies available today, those component manufacturers that are managed at Rutronik within the Automotive Business Unit (ABU) have the capabilities to design for the most extreme conditions, with motor sports as just one example. Within the ABU, this allows conclusions to be drawn relating to the quality and failure behavior of the components.

Accelerated Knowledge Transfer

The purpose of involving the ABU in motor sports is to also allow knowledge to be transferred among the automotive experts of manufacturers and customers, who make decisions within their companies. What's more, motor sports is a field that can inspire the younger generation for the modern technology of our times.