Motor Sports and Rutronik


Since 2007, Rutronik has been making a name for itself with its extensive involvement in motor sports. As a result of these successes, Rutronik has been continuously expanding its involvement in sports. Coinciding with the company's growth and the international focus, the motor sports events were broadened to include a series of international racing.

Involvement in Motor Sports

Not only does Rutronik support professional teams, over the last few years the company has also been promoting talented young newcomers from the technology region Pforzheim/Karlsruhe. Since 2017 Rutronik extended it's commitment and supports students in Spain (Barcelona). Where all of these partnerships are concerned, the focus is on the exchange and the mutual support for the passion of electronics and motor sports. Motor sports offer the most sophisticated test environment for electronic components - high stress loads and extreme operating conditions are perfect to show the strengths and weaknesses of each individual product.